Closing Announcements

Congratulations to the following dentists whose practices we recently sold and transitioned:

Dr. Rudy Ketchie  -to-  Dr. Lindsay Spears
Dr. Howard Karfeld  -to-  Alyssa Dowalski
Dr. Robert Stevenson  -to-  Dr. Kristina Harris
Dr. Edward Donle  -to-  Varinos Dental Associates
Dr. Deborah Champion  -to-  Whole Health Dentistry
Dr. Heyward Burrell  -to-  Dr. Kevin Granger, Dr. Albert Coombs
Landmark Dentistry  -to-  Dr. Michael Wing
Dr. Richard Zafran  -to-  Dr. Inhwan Hong
Dr. Larry F. Perkins  -to-  Landmark Dentistry
AC Dental of TN  -to-  Dr. Mehdi Sadeghi
Dr. Kerry Callery  -to-  Dr. Nathan Tilman
Dr. Mary Jane Hanlon  -to-  Dr. Damian Meola

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